Sometimes even I forget to take care of me

Lately I haven’t quite felt like myself. I have just felt off. I figured it was just the late winter blues. As winter drags on it often has an affect on my mood. Stacy and I have been encouraging everyone and anyone who will listen to put self-care first. Well, I realized as much as I talk to other people about this pretty much every day, I have neglected my own self-care. I injured myself a while back, it has kept me from being able to lift weights. Exercising was a huge part of my self-care. It helps me to feel good. It helps me to feel accomplished. IT is something that I do entirely for me. Since my injury I have barely worked out. Maybe 1 day every couple of weeks but that is about it. I hate cardio so I totally wanted to avoid that as my workout routine. Since I can’t lift weights, I just haven’t done anything. I convinced myself it was so my injury could heal, and I could get back to my normal routine. As the weeks have gone on, I watched all my hard work, the muscles I had built, and my body strength diminish. Last night I finally realized this was making me feel like crap. This morning I got up, found a workout that was a mix of cardio and yoga and I did it. I feel great! It may not have been the exact workout that I wanted but it was the workout that I needed. I have a little skip in my step. I can’t stop grinning. I feel good. I took 25 minutes out of my morning and took care of me. My arm is a little sore, but I will survive. Mentally I feel better. I feel ready to take on the day with true enthusiasm and joy. To top it off, the sun is shining, it is going it be a gorgeous day and because I started out taking a little time to do what makes me feel good, I will truly get to enjoy this gorgeous day!

Today, tomorrow and every day after, remember to do something that truly gives you pleasure. Something that you do just for yourself. Take a bath, read a book, curl your hair, straighten your hair, slather your body in your favorite body butter/lotion/oil, wear your favorite shade of lipstick, exercise, cook, cast a spell, read your tarot, have a glass of wine, eat a piece of chocolate do WHATEVER it is that you do just for you, just to give yourself pleasure. It is truly amazing how these small little acts can have a HUGE effect on how you feel each day!

Much Love and many Blessings to you - Lynnae


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