Reiki with Cerridwen

Since my Reiki attunement, I have been practicing Reiki on our dogs. Lola, our Redbone Coonhound, loves when I perform Reiki on her. She sits back, her eyes closed halfway as a dreamy look takes over her cute little face. It is a moment of complete calm that is rarely seen in our feisty little lady. Cash, our Bloodhound/German Shepherd, gets excited, licking my face, trying to sit on my lap (he is definitely too big to be a lap dog). I have to hold him at bay with my forearms and elbows, dodging doggy kisses, as I try to keep my hand positions. Definitely not an easy task.

I decided to see if my daughter would let me practice on her. She is definitely skeptical of this whole “Reiki” thing and was hesitant to say the least but she agreed to allow me to practice on her. If you can’t see it or touch it she has a hard time believing it is real. Whereas I tend to live up in the clouds, she lives with both feet planted firmly on the ground. As I began working she was a little weirded out and nervous. Pretty sure in her head she was thinking about how ridiculous her mom was with this whole “energy work” thing. It is totally not real because well, she can’t see it or touch it so how can it be real? After a few minutes though she started telling me my hands were like an oven. I must be overheating or something. I explained to her that the warmth she was feeling was the energy flowing through me into her. As I moved to areas that were in need of more work, my hands became even warmer. I could feel the flow of energy coming through me and she could feel the heat of it flowing into her. At one point we kept giggling, me because it is such an awesome experience to be the conductor of this amazing energy. Cerridwen because Reiki was finally something that she could actually feel, this meant it was in fact real. We both continued to giggle as my hands would start to cool down and then heat up again when I moved to the next position. It is an incredible feeling to be a healer but to be able to work with my child that is one of the best feelings ever. For a short moment that afternoon, I was not the most annoying person on the planet to her, we were sharing this awesome experience together, both in awe and humbled by it.


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