Early Morning Dreaming

As I sit here at 6:13 a.m. watching as the morning light starts to spread across the sky, I am filled with hope and excitement. Today will be a Magickal day. Today will be a productive day. In 2 weeks we will finally take over the new home of Practical Magick. I cannot wait to start setting up displays, finding a new home for the stock that Stacy and I have stashed away in our homes. Envisioning where plants will go, how to decorate the store, massage/reiki and relaxation rooms. What will the finished salon look like? Which shade of purple will look best with sparkles adorning it? I am really really excited about the kitchen! This is where my products will now be created. How nice it will be to work in a space with no interruptions. Melting, mixing, creating serums, body butters, face lotions the list goes on and on. The amazing smells of essential oils, butters and waxes that always envelop my work space. The feeling of calm as I do the dance of creating new things. I envision the excitement of new orders arriving. Of Stacy sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by crystals, a GIANT smile on her face as she giggles and holds each and every one. Of weekends when Norma can be at the store with us, teaching workshops and doing readings. I am filled with so much excitement for our future together! Today will be a beautiful day but this morning, this morning is made for Magick and dreaming :)

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